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I've connected together a few tools so I can quickly publish thoughts to a website.


Jrnl is a slick CLI tool for journaling. It stores data in a single text file.


Another tool in the picosphere, Lists lets you easily publish a list-oriented text file to the web.


This is how I input my thoughts. I have a simple extension that calls jrnl, then pipes the output into


# Required parameters:
# @raycast.schemaVersion 1
# @raycast.title jrnl-public
# @raycast.mode silent

# Optional parameters:
# @raycast.icon 📖
# @raycast.argument1 { "type": "text", "placeholder": "Entry" }
# @raycast.packageName JrnlPackage

# Documentation:
# @raycast.description Add a jrnl entry to public journal
# Ben Tsai
# @raycast.authorURL

jrnl public "$1"
jrnl public --short | tac | ssh Jrnl.txt


A reverse-chronological list of items almost instantly published from my fingertips: